Mine Subsidence in Southern Indiana
By Seth Carter, October 10, 2019

If you own a home in Southern Indiana, you need to be familiar with the term “mine subsidence.”  Mine subsidence occurs when an underground mine shaft collapses and causes surface subsidence. This can have devastating effects on your house. Take a look at what happened to this house in Boonville, Indiana in 2012. 

In Indiana there are a plethora of abandoned underground mine shafts. If you live in Warrick County or Vanderburgh County, take a look at this map.

You can see if you live in Elberfeld, Chandler, Newburgh or the westside of Evansville, there is a risk of underground mine shaft collapse. If this happens to your property it could result in tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your house. Please review the map and ensure you are not in an affected area. Even if you are close, these maps are incomplete, as you can read on the DNR website or in the article provided earlier. 

But that should be covered by my insurance, right? 

Your homeowners policy covers many perils, but it also excludes many perils. If you have any questions about what is not covered by your homeowner’s policy ask a professional at Carter Family Insurance to take a look for you. 

Mine subsidence is not covered by your policy unless you add an endorsement to your policy for an additional premium. If you find that you are at risk of mine subsidence, contact a professional at Carter Family Insurance so we can set you up with the right policy for you.

If you have any questions about full coverage or any other insurance related questions, email me at Seth@carterfamilyinsurance.com or give us a text/call at (812)549-6547!

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