Best Way to Shop Insurance Rates
By Seth Carter, October 09, 2019

Many people have their insurance with what is known as a “captive agency.” This means the agency only works with one insurance company. If you’ve been with the same company for years and years, you may be clueless as to how your rate compares to the rest of the market. 

Shopping for insurance is important to ensure you are getting a good value for your coverage. While it might be a good feeling knowing you did your due diligence in securing the most bang for your buck, it can be an exhausting and tedious task. 

If you’ve ever shopped your insurance rate with one company, let alone multiple companies, then you know how long those conversations can go. Are you really getting the best rate you can by only calling one or two companies? Probably not, but who has the time to get a quote with five or 10 companies? 

That’s where an independent agent comes in. A good independent agency has access to multiple companies, so they can do the shopping for you. Carter Family Insurance is an independent agency, designed to work as a professional shopper for you. You only have to submit your information ONCE and we run your rate through multiple companies. We work with 14 auto insurance companies just in Indiana! 

Another benefit of having an independent agency is if your rate goes up on renewal, they can simply check with the companies they partner with to ensure the price is still the best available. Since you are already a client of the independent agency, you won’t have to provide very much information, if any.  

A good independent agent can make your life a lot easier. Shopping for insurance is such a tedious task, let someone else do it for you. GET A QUOTE with Carter Family Insurance for a quick rate comparison.  

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